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Being one of the important suppliers in the sports market arena,such as home and commercial sports equipments,professional bicycles and mountaineering shoes,Orchid Mehr Group have been collaborating with the most noted brands from all over the world,since more than 15 years ago.

Orchid Mehr have always aimed for customer satisfaction.So;

it is the first sports company having TUV NORD ISO 9001-2015 certification for sales and after-sales services.

it is Holding the highest record in home sports equipments sale and supplying governmental and private sector clubs as well.

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All products from Orchid Mehr Sporting goods Group can be obtained from the CAFE VARZESH online store.


Monolith Panatta

Monolith،Solid Reliable

Perfect machines in function and ergonomic, thanks to long-time Panatta experience and in full compliance with Panatta philosophy.   ...
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