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Introducing the Escalate 550™ Series Climber Intenza

Introducing the Escalate 550™ Series Climber Intenza


A step beyond power and endurance

Height adjustment on Stepmill (climber) 550 series

 Do you think that using treadmills, bikes and Ellipticals is the only way to improving cardio endurance? Although machines are important to increase heart rate and strengthen the respiratory system, Intenza offers endurance and strength in one innovative machine.


Stepmill (climber) is a set of moving steps, an escalator, that simulates climbing stairs.


For over 20 years, mountaineering coaches have suggested Stepmill as one of the most effective tools for strengthening lower- body muscles while improving cardio-fitness. Despite its benefits, not many know of Stepmill. But now, Intenza has introduced 550 series, a Stepmill with adjustable height. A revolutionary design that allows choosing from 20 step heights.


In order to recover flexibility after an illness or operation, or to put pressure on a specific area, Intenza enables you to adapt the workout intensity to your cardio endurance and physical ability.


To increase the intensity you can increase the speed as well as the height of the machine. You could also wear a weight vest.


When training with Stepmill, you should lift your foot as though on real stairs to prevent damaging pressure on knees.



In case of any joint, especially knee problems consult your physician before beginning training with Stepmill.

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