OrchidMehr Sporting Goods Group, Pioneer in Providing Modern and Quality Sports Equipment in Iran.

OrchidMehr Sporting Goods Group was established in Iran in 1993 with the aim of meeting the needs of society for sports and fitness. The company has become a pioneer in this industry in Iran by importing modern and quality sports equipment from the most reputable global brands.

In the early years of its operation, Orchidmehr captured a major share of the market by importing DK.CITY home treadmills. With the familiarity of the growing trend of club sports, the company focused on club equipment and, by obtaining a representative office from reputable global brands, was able to play its role in the expansion of this sport in Iran.
Currently, Orchidmehr offers club and home sports equipment from the brands DK.CITY, INTENZA, YO-LIFE, PANATTA and SPECIALIZED in Iran. These equipment are of high quality and standards and are designed and manufactured according to the needs of different users.

In addition to providing sports equipment, Orchidmehr has also carried out extensive activities in the field of sports culture. The company has sponsored various sporting events and also publishes the Orchidmehr sports magazine.

Orchidmehr believes that regular and scientific exercise, healthy eating, and creative communication with each other and the environment can lead to a better life for individuals.