When the world goes still and you close your eyes, all that remains are your senses you can feel the simplicity of shape, the smoothness of assured lines and the distinctive perfection of materials. When you close your eyes and imagine, you can experience the comfort of your own space, you can enjoy the freedom of your own movement, and you can run to your own heart beat.

Intenza represents all that health should be; How fitness should feel. Designed to inspire and engineered to motivate, Intenza is a brand of fitness equipment to be experienced.

The intenza cardiovascular machines were by far the best designed equipment at taispo 2012. The designs were refreshing and innovative, giving an avant-garde feel. Intenza is definitely a rising stars to watch.

Intenza RBe 550Intenza RBe 550
Intenza 550 ETe
Intenza 550 ETiIntenza 550 ETi
Intenza 550CeIntenza 550Ce
Intenza 550TeIntenza 550Te
Intenza 550Ti
Intenza RBi 550
Intenza UBe 550Intenza UBe 550
Intenza UBi 550Intenza UBi 550

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