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Introducing the Escalate 550™ Series Climber Intenza

Intenza A step beyond power and endurance Height adjustment on Stepmill (climber) 550 series  Do you think that using treadmills, bikes and Ellipticals is the only way to improving cardio endurance? Although machines are important to increase heart rate and strengthen the respiratory system, Intenza offers endurance and strength in one innovative machine.   Stepmill … Continue reading Introducing the Escalate 550™ Series Climber Intenza

Monolith،Solid Reliable

Perfect machines in function and ergonomic, thanks to long-time Panatta experience and in full compliance with Panatta philosophy.   REGULATION AND SELECTION SYSTEM New assisted pantograph gas regulation system for seats and backrests for maximum fluidity and precision. PROGRESSIVE SYSTEM TO INCREASE THE LOAD Progressive selection to increase the load of 2,5 kg, exclusive Panatta … Continue reading Monolith،Solid Reliable

Can exercise alleviate depression

Another treatment option is physical exercise. Several scientific studies have shown that a regular program of exercise can help people to recover from depression; lifting their mood, reducing anxiety and improving self-esteem and concentration. They also found that taking regular exercise could help protect people against becoming depressed in the first place. Why does exercise … Continue reading Can exercise alleviate depression