DK City

DK City

DK City Corporation, founded in 1987 has been venturing on the manufacturing of the products that intend to satisfy the common pursuits of mankind in leading a life style of health, happiness and longer life-expectancy.

DK City with its name originated from Dream Knitting City realizes that, wherever the city dwellers are, the dream of freely enjoying a life of health-and-fit, happiness and rejuvenation remains identical, which is the mission that DK City is committed to fulfill by innovating, designing and manufacturing not only technological but also environment-friendly products.

DK City builds a series of products that extended from high-end furniture, fitness equipment and massage chairs to the recreational electric-scooters and golf cars. It recently devotes tremendous amount of resources to the innovation of the electrical, pollution-free bicycles and motorcycles, all attempting to protect and preserve a piece of clean land for the next generations.

DK City Arista T- 50.2
تردمیل باشگاهی دی کی سیتی DK2-67
DK City E700
DK City Ezc7000
دوچرخه ثابت باشگاهی نشسته R22دوچرخه ثابت باشگاهی نشسته R22
دوچرخه اسکای لاین
دوچرخه ثابت باشگاهی ایستاده Stepfit 99
تردمیل باشگاهی دی کی سیتی Arista T- 50.1
دوچرخه ثابت باشگاهی ایستاده B22
اسکی فضایی باشگاهی دی کی سیتی crossfit 88
DK City dbo-3.0DK City dbo-3.0
اسکی فضایی باشگاهی دی کی سیتی E22اسکی فضایی باشگاهی دی کی سیتی E22
DK City Ezc8200
DK City Ezm1000
DK City Ezw5000
دوچرخه منهتن
تردمیل باشگاهی دی کی سیتی Mantis T-60.2
دوچرخه ثابت باشگاهی نشسته Rollfit 850

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