2011 was a year filled with success and innovation for Full Speed Ahead (FSA). We aimed high, and achieved excellent results. Now we are challenging ourselves again in 2012. We move forward with a desire to deliver the best possible components to our customers and a determined spirit of competition.

At the end of 2009 FSA celebrated the opening of a new, modern factory. It is a four story 125,000 square foot building dedicated to manufacturing, making it one of central Taiwan’s largest and most efficient factories.

The new campus represents more than our company’s growth and commitment to the cycling industry, it allows us to more than double our manufacturing capacity and incorporates the very latest technology. Among other changes, we have increased carbon component production and testing capacity, added hot press carbon rim molding machines and 5-axis high-speed CNC machines, which allows us to ramp up the capacity of our carbon rims and proprietary hubs while offering uncompromising quality control for all our products.

Also in 2012 we will expand our wheel assembly, completed entirely by hand, from Italy to the US.

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FSA 1.5R The big
FSA Afterburner bb30 386 42/27
FSA Afterburner bb30 42/32/42T
FSA Comet MTB M/EXO 386 39/27
FSA Energy Energy
FSA Evo386
FSA Gossamer CK Compact Evo 386 50/34
FSA Gossamer Crank Evo 386 53/39
FSA Gossamer Crank EVO 386 53/39
FSA Gossamer Crank EVO 53/39
FSA Gossamer Pro BK-Ro6020
FSA Gradient M/Evo CK 68/73
FSA HS Orbit Z
FSA MTB Ceramic
FSA Orbit 1.5 Zs
FSA Orbit C-33
FSA Orbit CE
FSA Orbit CE

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