Panatta Sport is a market oriented company founded on principles of qualitative excellence. A point of reference for technical innovation, style, and emotion.

Market Oriented
We are proactive, we listen by investing in market research and we invest in understanding the needs of our customers. The entire company management is open to feedback from the outside world.

Qualitative Excellence
Panatta Sport stands out in the market under every aspect of total quality: The company, the product, the service.

Innovate with the objective to identify systems that will improve mobility through the study and development of new solutions and technical details characterized by maximum attention to the biomechanical component and quality of movements.
Innovation for our company does not simply mean creating new products. But it also means to create new market trends, with style and emotion
With our ideas we create emotion by presenting dynamic and involving fitness experiences. We convey the importance of movement at every level.

The Panatta Sport style, class embedded in the design. The aesthetic component is our distinctive factor. When you choose Panatta Sport you are embracing our passion for a design that is always unique and unexpected.

We create emotions with our ideas. The dynamic and encircling experiences we propose are astonishing. We communicate the importance of movement to all people, regardless of age or physique condition.

Aluminium Structure “C” Model 1KDC17
تردمیل کودکان پاناتا Kids مدل 1KDR6
دستگاه امپراطور پاناتا Kids مدل 1KDR4
Cube Model 1KD9+1kd13
دوچرخه باشگاهی Fenix مدل 1FX001A
الپتیکال باشگاهی Fenix مدل1FX004A
دوچرخه باشگاهی نشسته Fenix مدل 1FX002A
تردمیل باشگاهی Fenix مدل 1FX003
استپ Fenix مدل 1FX005
دستگاه چند کاره چهار ایستگاهی پاناتا FitEvo مدل1FE112
دستگاه شکم متحرک پاناتا FitEvo مدل1FE067
دستگاه دور کننده ران پاناتا FitEvo مدل1FE086
دستگاه نزدیک کننده ران پاناتا FitEvo مدل1FE087
نیمکت فیله کمر مدرج پاناتا FitEvo مدل 1FE200
تخته شکم مدرج پاناتا FitEvo مدل 1FE210
دستگاه جلو بازو پاناتا FitEvo مدل1FE056
دستگاه جلو بازو پاناتا FitEvo مدل 1FE057
دستگاه کراس آور پاناتا FitEvo مدل1FE111

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